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Meet Our Team

The staff at Bilbrey Tours, Inc. will eagerly assist you with all your travel needs:

Escorted Group Tours
Customized Group Tours
Charter Motorcoach Service

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

Rhonda Bilbrey


Rhonda has been a part of Bilbrey Tours since the inception of BTI since 1990. Her travels have taken her to 6 continents, 55 countries and ALL 50 of the US states. Her favorite destinations include South Africa, New Zealand, and Norway, as well as all those great places in the United States. New York City continues to hold her heart and is eager to share it with you. Join her on one of her many jaunts around the world.

Valarie Dean


Valarie manages the daily operations of Bilbrey Tours, Inc. Valarie specializes in custom group tours as well as oversees the travel protection insurance claims department. Valarie is also responsible for all arrangements of specialty groups wishing to charter motorcoaches from Bilbrey Tours, Inc. With more than twenty years with Bilbrey Tours, Inc., Valarie's vast knowledge and experience will allow you to relax and travel with confidence.

Tim Dean

Charters and Tours

Tim has driven professionally for 35+ years. He has driven for Bilbrey Tours even before BTI owned motorcoaches. He was the inspiration in BTI purchasing their first motorcoach, a decision Bilbrey Tours will never regret. Tim is an asset to any team and BTI is honored to have had him with us since its inception.

Rudy Porras

Charters and Tours

Rudy has been driving professionally for 25+ years, twenty of those years as a proud member of the BTI team. Rudy's enthusiasm and charming personality make him a definite winner with our BTI travelers.

Hannah Dean

Assistant Manager

Hannah sees to the daily operations at Bilbrey Tours office. Hannah's ten years with Bilbrey Tours ensures thorough preparations of every escorted tour. Let Hannah assist you with reserving a spot on one of the Bilbrey Tours escorted adventures. Whether you are calling to book a tour, make a payment or answer a question, Hannah will be the friendly voice answering your call and gladly handling your travel needs.

Connie Petross

Tour Escort

Connie's love for travel will certainly excite any traveler as she shows you new wonders throughout our great nation. As Martin Buber expresses, "All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware." The stunning scenery of Niagara Falls transports body and soul to a very calming place. Traveling with Bilbrey Tours awakens sensations and provides unexpected emotions.

Nancy Hadddox

Tour Escort

As a former high school teacher, Nancy Haddox enjoyed leading student groups to more than a dozen international destinations. She now uses her knowledge, experience and adventurer's spirit for Bilbrey Tours, Inc. Some of her favorite destinations include England, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Japan. Nancy has also traveled extensively throughout the US, and she looks forward to you joining her as she makes more trips with Bilbrey Tours.

Nancy Jones

Tour Escort

Nancy Jones relies upon her love of geography, history, literature, and the arts to make traveling come to life. During her career as a high school choral director, she led student tours to foreign countries such as Italy, England, Austria, and Canada, as well as numerous destinations throughout the United States. She looks forward to making memories with you as you travel the world together.

Marci Pair

Tour Escort

Marci Pair places the love of travel just under her love of God and family! She has led many student groups in both the US and Europe during her career as an English teacher in Abilene. Marci looks forward to making new friends and experiencing travel adventures with Bilbrey Tours.

Kay Billings

Tour Escort

After numerous wonderful trips with Bilbrey Tours, Kay Billings can finally focus fully on her passion for travel. As visions of faraway places with exotic names beckon to all those anxious for adventure, let Kay be your guide as the wonder of exploration unfolds. Let all passports be stamped, for a season of exciting new experiences is about to begin.

Make Your Travel Dreams Come True!